Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Won't You Just Call the Police!

I try really hard not to complain about my job or my residents in my blog.  It would really suck if one of my residents stumbled across my blog and realized that I was talking shit.  But today I just can't help it.  Today I am going to rant about all of the stupid things that people in apartments do.

1. Noise Complaints -  People who live in apartments complain about noise constantly.  I'll admit that there are some situations where it is warranted.  Loud music after 11pm. Running, screaming children. Bass on the floor from video games or TV's.  I get all of that.  Here is the thing. If you can't handle the standard sounds that come from living in multi-family housing you should probably go rent a house in the middle of nowhere.  I am not going to tell your neighbor that they can't shower or walk around after a certain time of night.  Under no circumstances am I going to tell your neighbor that they have to close their window because you can hear them talking on the phone in the evening.  And if you can hear your neighbor having sex through the wall you should probably just ask them to quiet down.

2. Your Building - Why in the hell would you not meet the people in your building if you live in an apartment?  There are all sorts of reasons to do this.  Again if you were going to live in a house you would probably know your neighbors, watch out for their houses when they go on vacation. Ask them nicely to turn down their music if it was really loud.  So why wouldn't you do that in an apartment when you are practically living on top of each other?  It just seems logical to me that if you are going to live in the same 4,000 square feet as other people, just separated my a couple walls and doors, that you should know who they are.  I know that it makes me feel safer that I know all my immediate neighbors.  Not just that but if you know your neighbors you have no problem telling them that their stereo is to loud OR that you can hear them having sex through the wall.

3. The Police - For some reason people who live in apartments think that management is God.  I have more power then the police according to a lot of my residents.  If you see someone suspicious on the property CALL THE POLICE!!  If there are people in the hot tub at 2:00 in the morning keeping you awake CALL THE POLICE!!  I don't care if I live on-site or not, I am not going to give you my number so you can call me and let me know there are people out at 2:00 in the morning.  I am a small female.  I don't care if I sound like a girl.  If you can get a hold of me to let me know there are weird people on the property or drunk unruly people in the hot tub I'm going to CALL THE POLICE!!  I'm not stupid and I'm not going to put myself in a position where I am in a confrontation that makes me feel unsafe.  If you lived in a house you would CALL THE POLICE!!  Why do you think that I have more power than they do?  Seriously, CALL THE POLICE!!

4. Maintenance - Flip your own breakers and change your own light bulbs. Oh, yeah, and when your smoke alarm starts to chirp, replace the battery. Your rent covers your dwelling, not the basic maintenance items like light bulbs.  And if your cat tears up your screens and blinds don't be shocked when I charge you to fix them.  If you lived in a house you would not only have to pay for the supplies but you would have to do it yourself.  Be happy that I'm not charging to for the time it takes my maintenance guys to fix your screens and replace your light bulbs. I could.  It's within my rights.

I'm sure there's more but right now I have to go deal with an asshole that doesn't know how to call non-emergency.  We'll revisit this later.

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