Friday, October 25, 2013

The Ridiculous Excitement of a New Vacuum

I got a new vacuum cleaner yesterday.  I figured that since I was constantly cleaning up cat hair, cat litter and Rachel hair off of the floor, it made sense to buy a handheld Dirt Devil cordless vacuum.  The level of excitement that I had while vacuuming the sofa yesterday was ridiculous. I took a video and cackled maniacally. I suppose there is a lot to be said in finding joy in the simple things but really? A vacuum? 

The same thing happened when I got my birthday present from my parents.  They bought me a REALLY nice knife and knife sharpener.  I squealed when I opened them I was so excited. Squealed. Seriously.  I almost squealed again when I used the knife for the first time.  It was amazing. 

At what point in adulthood do small appliances and kitchen gadgets become the most exciting thing you could possibly buy yourself? Or receive?  I suppose it's the same moment that you start spending all of your money on bills and rent and kitchen and house gadgets become less of a priority.    

I'm already planning my next purchase of a new coffee pot.  I'm not sure that will be as exciting as the vacuum but it will certainly be thrilling. I hate being a grown up.   

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