Monday, October 21, 2013

Caffeine Please

It's Monday.  I am currently on the third cup of coffee and all I can think about is my next cup.  I figure that makes coffee as good of a topic as any today.

I feel like I have established that coffee is an essential part of my daily routine. Essential.  I'm not using that term lightly.  The likelihood that you want to try and have a conversation with me prior to my first cup of coffee, especially on a work day, is slim to none.

There is only one thing that I would rather do than drink coffee first thing in the morning... and then I still better get coffee after.  I read once that an orgasm first thing in the morning has the same effect as a cup of coffee.  I'm not sure I believe it but I'm willing to keep putting it to the test ;-)

Anyway, the thing is that I am not picky about my coffee.  I like it dark and black in a warm mug.  There is nothing more comforting than the feeling of a good, heavy, warm mug in your hands first thing in the morning or in the afternoon or all day long. The people who know me best know that I love a good mug.  I think I got three for my birthday this year.  Including my new favorite queen mug.  How can you pass up a mug that says "no-one can say no to the queen"?

The other thing about my caffeine habit is I really don't care what time it is.  I mean obviously there is a point, after work, where you switch from coffee to wine but outside of that, I can, and do, drink coffee all day every day.  I used to have this ridiculous rule that I had to stop drinking coffee and start drinking water at noon.  Then I realized that I am an adult and I can drink coffee all damn day if I want.  So I do.

I lovingly call Starbucks and Dutch Bros. "fru-fru coffee" because if I go there I never order just plain coffee. I have to order something special, with chocolate and whipped cream.  In the summer I get coconut, in the winter I get peppermint.  I recently discovered a brown sugar/cinnamon thing that has become my fall drink. Starbucks red cup day is practically a holiday in and of itself in my book. The issue with fru-fru coffee is that it seems to add to my waistline like nothing else that I eat or drink.  So, even though I don't limit my coffee intake I do have to limit my fru-fru coffee intake, otherwise I'll end up quite round. Fru-fru coffee is also pretty expensive.  I have a separate bank account that I call my coffee account. One percent of each paycheck goes into that account and I use it to buy coffee.  The perfect way to budget.

Alright, my cup is empty.  Time for a refill.


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