Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taylor Effing Swift

Taylor Swift has always made me cringe.  I don't think she has a very good voice and I was always really pissed when she beat out legitimate singers at the CMA awards.  She was Entertainer of the Year like three years in a row.  The last time she was up for nomination I remember stating out loud that if she won I wasn't ever watching the CMA awards again.  There was some serious animosity.  I just felt that she was overrated and under-talented.

Then I saw her "I Knew You Were Trouble" performance on the AMA's and loved it.  I decided it was okay because I downloaded the dance remix and that meant that it wasn't really like I was listening to Taylor Swift.

It wasn't long after that performance that Tim McGraw released Highway Don't Care and who else but Taylor Effing Swift was on the track and I LOVED it! What. The. Hell.  How is this even possible?  Am I converting to a Taylor Swift fan?

PJ asked me to download her newest CD Red for him. So I did.  Then it started coming on when I would put all of my music on shuffle.  And now on days when I'm feeling a little spunky, or melancholy, or whatever I listen to the WHOLE DAMN ALBUM.  Alright, not the whole thing, I still hate "22" and "We're Never Getting Back Together".  But the songs "Come Back, Be Here", "Being Again", "Red", "Everything Has Changed" and heck just about every other song on the album are SO good in their ridiculous girlishness.

So, I can't deny it anymore.  Even though I wish I wasn't, I am a Taylor Swift fan.  Maybe I should start a support group.

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  1. FYI, "We are never getting back together," is my anthem. LOL