Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anyone need a collection of something?

What do you collect?

A friend pointed out to me recently, after reading the last few days blogs, that I admit to being a hoarder. I didn't realize that I had made this admission until I looked back a couple of posts.  I did admit to hoarding makeup,  lotions and shampoos that I don't like, as well as music, pictures and quotes.  I think I'll just start saying that I have a lotion collection and a music collection.  That way it sounds less like I need an intervention or someone to come clean out my house.

I do have some legitimate collections though. I have a collection of first edition Nancy Drew books.  I have a Wizard of Oz collection that includes dolls, plates, books and other nick knacks.  I guess I also have quite the book collection in general.  I have tried to get rid of some of them every time I move but I can't imagine parting with the two bookshelves full that I currently have.

(Yes, these are mine)

I have a collection of Amberina glassware.  I love it.  It's the color of a sunset, or sunrise.  Depending on which you prefer.

My biggest collection is definitely queen stuff. I have pillows and nick knacks and prints and mugs and plates. Anything with a crown or that says queen I am all about it.  I'll admit, as dramatic as I am, I won't buy stuff that says drama queen on it.  I have a pair of bookends and a gigantic glass crown from an old gas station. I also have jewelry that is shaped like a crown.  Necklaces, rings, earrings.  Oh, and then there is the tattoo :-)


  1. Just to clarify... those are 2 large book CASES, not book shelves. And, you forgot about your collection of amberina glass. I bet there's more. ;)

  2. Amberina, the short paragraph above the queen stuff. It's my second favorite collection. And this post is my least favorite post lol

  3. Not sure how I missed that. But, the first time I was here the picture above that was missing too. hmmmm. Yup, I'm old, blind and forgetful.