Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Only Reason to Sweat

I don't think I should have to exercise.

I feel like there is only one reason to sweat. I suppose that reason is a form of exercise as well ;-)

No one really likes to exercise.  If you think you like exercise you have really just tricked your brain into thinking that exercise is a good idea.  There is nothing fun about being out of breath, flushed, your heart beating to hard, or sweating (unless you're having sex).

Exercise that you don't know is exercise is great.  Playing with your kids, gardening, walking to the store or around the store, cleaning the house, dancing.  All of that is exercise, and it's great to not realize that you are exercising.  The problem is if you aren't really realizing you are exercising it probably isn't vigorous enough to achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, I am at a point in my life where my metabolism is going to start slowing down and I am going to have to start exercising if I want to keep drinking beer and wine and eating chocolate and french fries. Which really pisses me off.  Why in the hell should I, having never had to exercise for my whole life, suddenly, just because I'm getting older, start having to exercise vigorously or risk having to buy a whole new, bigger, wardrobe?

So now I have to figure out what to do for exercise.  Which sucks. I have a "bathroom exercise routine" that consists of 20 squats while I'm washing my hands after going to the bathroom and toe raises while I'm in the shower and brushing my teeth.  That's been sufficient up until now but just isn't going to cut it anymore. It would probably be enough to keep my clothes fitting as long as I'm careful, but it isn't enough to make me feel like I look good naked.

And isn't that the goal.  It's great to not have to buy bigger clothes, but it doesn't matter if you are the only one who see's yourself naked, or if someone new is seeing you naked, or if the same person sees you naked every night. What matters is that you want to know that you look good naked.  I don't need to be Playboy centerfold material by any means, in addition to requiring major surgery to get the boobs, I have had a child and would need to be airbrushed.  What I'm talking about is the general confidence that being naked in the light requires.  I can pull off looking good in my clothes.  I need to know that I look good naked.

So, I guess I need an exercise routine that consists of more than squats in the bathroom and the occasional walk to tan.  Fuck.

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  1. Amen sista! Welcome to my world :-)