Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Burgers, French Fries and Empandas, Oh My!

Day 17 - Your 10 Favorite Foods

This may have been the hardest list of all.  How does someone who loves food pick ten favorites?

1) French Fries easily top my list.  I may have a hard time coming up with a list of only ten foods but I know for sure that my weakness for french fries is legendary.  They are warm, yummy, deep fried, carby, goodness.  Nothing beats a good french fry.  Unfortunately they will make me fat so I have to be SUPER careful how many french fries I eat.

2) Empanadas are amazing.  Talk about warm, deep fried goodness.  The chicken ones are the best.  There is a food cart in St. John's that has the best empanadas with amazing sauce and cheese.  Yum!

3) Hamburgers are almost a food group unto themselves.  There is something wonderful about a good hamburger.  There is an art to eating a giant hamburger.  Don't put it down!!  That is a rule.  If you are going to eat a gigantic burger you have to commit to holding the whole thing in at least one hand until it is gone.

4) Sushi/Tuna - Raw tuna is one of the best things on the planet.  I could probably eat it everyday and get Mercury poisoning. Rolls, sashimi, seared.  I don't care.  It's good however it's served.  Except cooked and even then it's not bad.

5) Gyros- Let me be really clear here.  Not a gy-row but a Gyro.  Real tsatziki made with greek yogurt, feta cheese, souvlaki and not shaved meat, tomato, onion and paprika.  That is the perfect gyro.

6) Tacos-  As long as the tacos aren't from Taco Bell and they have spicy sauce on them they are good.

7) Pasta- I'm starting to see a carb pattern here.  Pasta with sauce. Pasta without sauce. Pasta with wine. Pasta with bread. Pasta with pesto on it is probably my favorite.

8) Fried Rice- I like to make it at home, I like to get it delivered.  I especially like it with BBQ pork in it and some hot mustard mixed in.

9) Chocolate - The darker the better. It goes better with my red wine that way.

10) German Pancakes- Pancakes are gross. German pancakes are amazing. You bake them in a cast iron skillet.  They puff up with air.  You cut them like a pie and then you put syrup or homemade raspberry jam on them. Yum!

Now I'm hungry.

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