Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Are Girls Dumb?

Being who I am, I don't feel like I can miss the opportunity to post about why girls are dumb when I posted about boys being idiots last week. If you missed the Why Are Boys Idiots? blog you can find it here.

Keep in mind that I am not excluding myself from the girls are dumb post by any means.  I do dumb girly things all the time, and I hate it.  Part of being a girl is being an emotional idiot sometimes.  Which sucks and makes me mad.  If I could just have a little more control over the emotional idiot in me I would be a much happier person.  I wouldn't find myself saying that I'm being a stupid girl nearly as often as I do. 

This, however, is not my number one reason girls are dumb.  Girls are dumb because they dislike other girls for no reason, or for a reason that was valid 10 years ago.  If it didn't happen this decade it's probably not worth holding on to.  

The mail lady at work doesn't like me.  I never did anything to her, except expect her to do her job.  I was even nice when I asked her to do her job right.  She doesn't like me.  Won't say one word to be when she comes in the office but is super nice to everyone else.  If the mail lady was a mail dude this wouldn't be happening. The mail dude would shrug it off and move on and all would be well in the mail room.  When it comes to girls that isn't the case.  Girl's can't let shit go.  Ever. 

I'll admit that there may be a girl or two that I don't like just on principle.  I've never met or spoken to these girls and I just flat out don't like them.  It's not rational, or reasonable, but it's the truth.  I actually was around one of those girls in a bar a couple of weeks ago.  Keep in mind, there is no reason for this girl to think, know or suspect I dislike her.  It's a completely dumb girl dislike, and as far as I know one sided.  This girl leaned against me to talk to the bartender.  All I could think was how much I wanted to punch her in the face.  I suppose I may be delusional, and she may know that I dislike her, and leaned against me on purpose to see what I would do, but probably not.  The combination of my intense dislike (toward someone I don't even know) and my "stay the fuck out of my bubble" issues just about send me over the edge.  See, girls are dumb.   

The other reason this whole dislike thing is dumb is because it really bothers me when girls that don't know me, dislike me.  Total double standard I know.  I think that the reason it bothers me so much is because I at least know that my dislike toward people I don't know is completely ridiculous, whereas a lot of girls think it's normal.  It's not normal to dislike someone you don't know.  Even if we all do it.  

Girls are also dumb because we always jump to the worst conclusion ever.  No matter what the situation the emotional idiot in us manages to take control and make everything ten times worse then it actually is. Which is a topic so extensive I think I'll save it for a different blog. 

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