Monday, November 11, 2013

I Hoped You Were Coming Home to Stay

A song that reminds you of someone...

There are a lot of songs that remind me of people.  How could there not be?  That's what makes music so great, it can remind you of people and places and things in a way that nothing else can.  

When I first saw this topic I thought of one song and one person.  Kid Rock - Picture has always reminded of Josh, my first love, my favorite "what if" and my right now.  I was shocked when I realized that it's been 12 years since this song was released, but I guess it makes sense.  12 years ago he was halfway around the world, we were both with other people, and still, all I really wanted was for him to come home.   When he did come home, and I would see him, it was always a shock and always screwed me up, a little bit for a little while.  

This song has so much meaning for me that it's hard to write about it.  The lyrics speak for themselves.  And although neither of us is waking up next to anyone else anymore, and there is no need to hide any pictures, one line still rings true. 

I just called to say I love you.  Come back home.

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