Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Life Perfect Ain't Perfect If You Don't Know What The Struggle's For

A song you listen to when your sad...

Yesterday I was talking to Ashley about how I didn't think I had any songs that I listened to when I was sad. I was REALLY wrong.  I started to really ponder and realized that I have a whole slew of songs I listen to when I'm sad or having a bad day. These songs aren't the ones that are going to make me feel better and lift me up.  These are the songs that are going to make me cry so I can CTFD and get over it.  Sometimes listening to that kind of song once makes things better and sometimes you have to listen to the same one on repeat to get out of your funk, or not.  I give myself permission to be in a funk that I just can't get out of occasionally.  I am desperately striving to be a more positive person so if I do end up in a little personal "woe is me" bubble I do try pretty hard to get out quickly.  Most of the time the only way for me to do that is to put on some music.

The most recent addition to my collection of sad day songs is Taylor Swift "Come Back, Be Here".  It's really sad and all the talk about how unfair things are speaks to my inner sad. Of course it's Taylor Swift, one of the people I hate to love.

Another song that I know I listen to when I'm sad is Sara Bareilles "Gravity". This song isn't just about a person to me, it can be a about a feeling or something you don't want to do but you can't help.  It can really be about anything you want it to be about.  It's the perfect sad song.

Then there is Jeniva Magness "You Were Never Mine".  First off, this song is amazing is the most awesome bluesy kind of way, whether you are sad or not.  But it's still pretty darn sad.

The one song I do listen to when I am sad that is uplifting is Alicia Keyes "Lesson Learned".  I don't just listen to this one, I sing it, at the top of my lungs.  More than once.

So, obviously I can't choose just one sad song.  And now that I've listened to all of these I am almost out of the funk that I woke up in this morning after a very restless night.  One more time through should do the trick.

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