Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is It Weird That I Have My Funeral Planned?

A song that you want played at your funeral....

It's so weird that it's so much easier for me to blog about my funeral than it is for me to blog about a wedding.  I guess it kinda makes sense when you consider I've had two weddings and am still dealing with the fallout from those, but I'll only have one funeral and I won't even be there for it :-)

I really do have an idea of what I want my funeral to be.  I want to be cremated (but donate any salvageable organs to science first please) and then I want everyone to be outside wearing happy bright colors, listening to loud great music and drinking.  I want a party.  Let's put the FUN in FUNeral.  Seriously.

I understand that the point of a funeral is for the people who are left to have a chance to say goodbye and grieve.  Blah, blah,  blah great.  Do all of that.  Listen to this sad song (the Garth Brooks version, which isn't on YouTube), that is really about love and not about death, or maybe a little of both.  Then take a shot of whiskey, sip on some Merlot and remember how much fun I was.

Oh, yeah... when you're all done, take my ashes to a warm beach and toss them in the ocean.


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