Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As Easy As Knowing All The Words To Your Old Favorite Song

A song you know all the words to...

Here's the thing.  I know all of the words to most songs.  Songs I don't know all of the words to I know most of the words to.  There a very few songs I don't know at least some of the words to.  If the music is new I only have to hear the song two or three times before I have it most of the way memorized. Whether I want to or not.  Justin Bieber "As Long As You Love Me" comes to mind as a song I didn't particularly want to know the words to but do anyway.

I've always listened to music and memorized songs.  I used to sit on the sofa with earphones on, listening to music and singing.  My mom has told me that I used to sing with said earphones on and since I couldn't hear myself it was particularly awful.

Yep. That's me :-)

I do believe that I acquired my skill of learning and retaining song lyrics from my mom.  She and I have been known to randomly burst into song (this happens pretty much every time we're in the same space for longer than an hour).  Oftentimes the same song, at the same time, just because someone said something that reminded us of whatever song we are singing.  The other  night I said that I had a hole in my pocket and we both started singing "There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza".  We just can't help it.

My dad on the other hand can't remember the lyrics to songs for anything.  Unfortunately PJ takes after him. A lot of times Mom and I have to help them with lyrics.  And even if we correct them or help them through, the next time they get to the chorus they have already forgotten what we told them the lyrics were.  Dad's saving grace is that he can play almost any musical instrument that he wants to. Which in my mind makes up for the fact that he can't remember lyrics. Ever.

I don't know how I can remember every song I've ever listened to for the past 20 years but I can't remember to put my garbage out at night. I'm just a lyrics girl. I Google song lyrics daily, usually multiple times a day.  I know I've said it before but there is nothing like a good song and good song lyrics. I have always said that if I could wish one skill on myself, it would be the ability to sing.  Because although I sing loud, often, I probably shouldn't do it where other people can hear me.  Seriously, if I sing in front of you, I am trusting you to not make fun of me.  Please don't betray that trust.

The only thing better than actually being able to sing might be being able to write an amazing song.  Maybe I should try it. Oh wait, I think I need to know how to read music to  make that happen.  Well, one thing at a time.

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