Friday, November 15, 2013

When I Met You Last Night Baby, Before I Blew Your Mind

A song you can dance to...

Here's the thing.  I don't dance.  I suppose if I'm time traveling drunk you might be able to convince me it's a good idea.  If I'm at a wedding and I can play dance with the kids or if it's a slow song and all I have to do is sway to the music.  I'll dance in my own apartment if I'm all alone. Heck I guess I'll even dance in front of other people as long as I know they aren't going to make fun of me, and I'm not in public.  But the likelihood that you will ever get me in a club, on a dance floor, is slim to none.

I used to dance.  I would dance at school dances.  Heck I was a cheerleader and we did choreographed dances in front of the whole school.  When I was in 5th grade I did a choreographed dance to "Whomp There It Is" that I think I still know some of the moves to.  However, one year on our birthday Mi'Cole and I went out dancing and drinking and I drunkenly fell on the dance floor.  That pretty much stopped all public dancing. I am now scarred for life.

When I dance I also feel like quite the white girl.  I am super self-conscious and just don't feel like I can get my hips and ass to move the way I want them too.  Oh, yeah, and then what do I do with my arms? It's just all a great big ball of second guessing and anxiety, so I don't do it.

However, there is one song that Mi'Cole and I dubbed our "stripper song" way back in 1999.  This song came out our senior year in high school and we both decided that if we were ever going to perform a strip tease for someone it would be to this song.  Heck, I don't know, maybe she has.  I haven't, because I don't dance, but if I did, I can guarantee that this song would be it.

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