Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful but the Wine is so Delightful

I started this holiday season with a super good attitude.  After my blog at the beginning of October complaining about how much I hated the holidays I did a complete 180 and changed my attitude a month later in this blog. Unfortunately, with one week to go, I may have gone the other 180 degrees and I'm right back where I started in October.

I feel like this is mostly my own fault.  I just can't seem to get into it.  I decided not to get a Christmas tree because Zap drew one on the living room wall, so that's good enough.  Plus PJ and I are staying at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve so there really is no reason to have a tree.  We won't be home.

I decided I wasn't going to bake a bunch of stuff because it was expensive and time consuming.

We didn't go to PIR because it was icy and then PJ went with his dad.

I didn't go downtown Portland to see the Christmas tree and now it feels like it's too late and there will be a million people down there every night until New Years.

The only thing that I have left to do that may improve my Christmas attitude is watch White Christmas while wrapping presents.  The problem is that if I do that tonight I'm worried that the Christmas spirit will desert me again by Christmas.  So I'm saving it for a few days.

I'm just ready for it to be over now.  One more week to go.  One more week of thinking about stockings and food and wrapping presents.  One more week of annoying Christmas music and pretending to be happy when you call out Merry Christmas to everyone on the planet. One more week of the clutter of Christmas decorations all over my house and crowding my office.  One more week of eating the stuff in the back of the cupboard because I refuse to deal with all of the people that are at the grocery store 24/7 at this time of year.

One more week until I can go back to the generally positive person I am trying to be. Until then I'll just fake it for everyone around me.  And drink a lot of wine. Bah-humbug.

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