Friday, December 6, 2013

Mom, what's was that sound coming from your bedroom... oh and is Santa real?

I realized today that I am spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to keep PJ little.

I just said that maybe he shouldn't watch Forest Gump because then we might have to have the sex talk. Oh, and then there were the other 20 movies that I decided he shouldn't watch because I don't want to tell him what sex is.  Pretty sure I'm going to have to stop him from watching the news and reading books just so I don't have to explain what sex is.

Keeping sex from him is kinda weird for me.  I have know what sex was since I was about 5.  I specifically remember finding condoms in my parents bedroom, asking my mom what they were and having sex explained to me.  I don't really remember ever not knowing what sex was. So why don't I want to explain this to PJ?

Oh, and then there is Santa Claus.  Talk about keeping secrets.  Are you kidding?  I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that the magic of Christmas and Santa stays alive one more year. Zap, the elf on the shelf, is being extra diligent in the creativity behind his daily pranks.  PJ asked his dad if Santa was real yesterday and he was told that if he believed in Santa then he was.

I remember finding out that my parents were Santa.  I found the remnants of "Santa" wrapping paper in the garbage can and my suspicions, which were already running rampant, were confirmed.  I'm pretty sure that Mom and I never actually discussed the fact that she had been playing Santa for my whole life but it certainly ruined that Christmas and quite a few after.  I started to love Christmas again when I was able to start being Santa myself.  So maybe PJ not finding out about Santa is completely selfish.  I love being Santa and I don't think that PJ has enough of his maternal family's magic to keep pretending for me. 

You can't unlearn something. Once you are grown, you can't become a child again.  I guess I just want PJ to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. Maybe I should have the sex talk though, at least then we could watch Forest Gump.  Keeping Santa a secret is much more important.    


  1. Or you could be like me and unknowingly allow him to borrow a children's encyclopedia from the library. Not my finest moment but its sorta like a bandaid and because it was an educational book I didn't have to explain a whole lot of the anatomy stuff...

  2. It's far better for him to hear it all from you than from his "friends" or some other unreliable source.