Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things I Don't Feel Like Doing Today - Moving

I am exhausted.  And it's not just post holiday exhaustion, although I'm sure that's a contributing factor.  It is the exhaustion that come from not sleeping for five nights in a row.  I guess that's an exaggeration.  I'm sleeping. In a tossing and turning, half asleep, can't get rid of my shoulder and back pain kind of way. The half asleep, half awake kind of sleep that leads to weird dreams and being more tired in the morning than you would have been if you and just decided to stay awake all night. 

It's weird to me the way that sleep works.  I can go weeks, even months, getting the best sleep ever. Falling asleep right away, staying asleep all night, waking up feeling like I am rested.  And then suddenly, out of the blue, it just stops for no good reason.  I'm sure that there are reasons.  The main one right now is the pain in my back and shoulder.  My right arm barely even works. Ibuprofen isn't touching the pain and the muscle relaxers aren't working.  

That's another thing that's weird to me.  My shoulder and back haven't hurt since October.  I went two amazing months pain free for the most part.  Then one stupid Saturday morning I wake up and my arm doesn't work again.  What kind of sense does that make?  None.  Not only that but it makes even less sense that I can't make it stop hurting.  What is the catalyst here?  Stress? Maybe. My bed? Maybe. Sitting at my desk? Maybe. 

The thing is I don't have time to be tired and I don't have time for my arm not to work.  I have to be able to work and I have a whole  house that needs to be de-christmased. Since an elf drew all over the walls I have to wash them in order to de-christmas but my arm isn't going to let me do that right now.  What. The. Hell. Anyone want to grab a couple of magic erasers and help?

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