Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Does Patience Have to be a Virtue?

Seriously, the phrase "Patience is a Virtue" annoys the hell out of me. Why can't "Right Fecking Now" be a virtue?

I am self-aware enough to know that one of my biggest downfalls is being a person who loves instant gratification.  I don't like to wait for anything.  Once I've decided I want something, I want it right now.

Want a new car? Go buy one.

Oh, you're getting married? Forget planning a wedding I can marry you today.

Applying for a new job?  WHERE THE HELL IS THE E-MAIL to schedule an interview?

I taught PJ a long time ago that patience is waiting without asking.  It kept him from bugging me every five seconds about whether or not we were there yet or if it was time for dessert.  Too bad I can't take some of my own advice.

I can reflect on the fact that some of my larger mistakes in life have resulted from me jumping the gun and just not being patient enough to wait for what should have happened.  I also know that some of the best things to happen to me in life are the result of being patient and waiting for the right time.  I don't know why knowing that doesn't make it easier to be patient.

I need to take a deep breath.  Everything happens for a reason, and when it's supposed to. There are some things you can't rush.  And "Right Fecking Now" has a way of royally fecking stuff up.

I guess I'll just keep repeating C.T.F.D. over and over in my head.

But seriously, where the hell is my e-mail?

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