Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Even Though She Was a Grown Woman She Believed in Elves and Santa Claus.

Well, it's happened.  PJ's cousin now knows that Mom and Dad are Santa.  PJ told his cousin that if he believe's in Santa then he is real. I love that kid.  Anyway, I feel as if after Christmas I will no longer be able to pull the wool over his eyes and it may be time to tell him. 

Regardless, I realized today as I was running a couple of last minute Fred Meyer errands, that I may bitch and moan and go through pretty Grinchy moments throughout the Christmas season but I still believe in magic.  I always believe in magic and there isn't a whole lot better than the magic of Christmas.  It's all around in the smiles and the Merry Christmas' from people who are normally too busy looking at their phones to acknowledge other people. It's around us in the extra bits of patience and tolerance.  It's around us in the magic of giving and in the magic of gratitude. 

So, as we end this 2013 Christmas season I want to thank everyone for dealing with the bipolarness of my Christmas spirit.  I appreciate everyone who reads this blog and comments on it and gives me feedback. This outlet has been priceless.  

Happy Christmas to All and to All A Good Night!

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  1. Don't tell him about Santa, wait for him to tell you. I asked my 20 year old about this, she said let him bring it up, she liked going along with it for me and the younger ones. Warning, once you admit to Santa, there goes the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too! Merry Belated Christmas!