Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Words are Power

Day 3 - Your Favorite Quote.  How do I choose a favorite quote.  That's like asking me to choose my favorite book or movie or food.  If you read Day 2's post you all know that I have trouble making decisions anyway and asking me to choose a favorite quote is almost impossible.

I have always loved quotes.  Before I had a computer, I had spiral notebooks filled with quotes and song lyrics that I loved.  I own entire books filled with quotes that have my initials written next to my favorites. Now I have Pinterest.  When I am feeling especially bored, or melancholy, or happy, or bored I go to Pinterest.  I have over 1200 pins on JUST my quote boards.

Asking me to pick a favorite isn't going to happen.  But I can maybe choose a few that speak to me more than others.

I LOVE One Tree Hill.  Every time I read this quote it just rings true.  We all spend our lives talking about someday.  Well guess what? Here it is. Now what?

This quote showed up in my life when I needed it the most.  I don't have time to make anyone like me.  It's hard for me to do.  I like to be liked.  However, I am who I am and there are fundamental things about my personality that I am unwilling to change to make anyone like me.  Accept me for who I am or move on.

I need to read both of these every once in awhile to remind myself that I can never allow either of these quotes to become true ever again.

This next quote just proves my hopeless romantic side.  However, it put soul mates into a perspective that I hadn't seen before.  It definitely changed my ideas of what love and soul mates should be.  

And last but not least my favorite of all of these.  I think that I have always thought that happiness should be easy and safe but it's not.  Happiness is about taking risks to get what you want and changing yourself into the best person that you can be in order maintain the happy.  If that's not scary I don't know what is.