Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twenty Things About Me You Never Needed to Know.

Today's challenge was hard for me. Can I even think of twenty things about myself? With a little help from my LP Jennifer, I was finally able to compose the list.  I was stuck at 17, she reminded me of a couple silly things that are surely facts.  So, here we go, twenty things about me:

1. Reading is therapy.  A good book is like a good friend.  I'll even admit that I don't like to read challenging books.  If I am going to escape to someplace else I want it to be fun and easy.  Life is full of hard things, I use reading to escape those things. I'm certainly not going to sit down with a difficult book that is going to stress me out.  I used to have all of these reading rules, like I had to finish a book if I start it.  Not anymore, now if I'm not having fun reading it I'm done.

2. I LOVE food. This may be an understatement.  Food is SO important.  I think about eating all the time.  I can be particular about my food but I can always find something I want to eat anywhere.  I can never decide what to eat because everything always sounds so good and maybe because I have a  hard time making decisions...

3. Coffee is necessary to life. Ask my co-workers, or my child, or anyone who has ever had to speak to me first thing in the morning.  If you bring me coffee without me having to ask, I love you.  It's as simple as that.

4. My son is amazing. I know as a mom I'm supposed to say this however I'm not the only one that says it.  I truly believe that he is the best thing I have ever done in my whole life and probably the best thing I ever will do.  He just continues to get more and more amazing the older he gets.

5. I've been divorced twice.  That's right, twice, in seven years.  Luckily the first ex-husband and I get along famously, which is another reason why my son is so amazing. We're not going to talk about the second ex-husband.  Actually, I think I may just pretend he doesn't exist at all.

6. I watch the entire series of Rookie Blue once a year. Yep, that's right. Every fall, after the most recent season of Rookie Blue ends I download it and then I start the entire series from the first episode. I can't help myself.  I recently realized that Sam Swarek, my favorite character, reminds me a lot of one of my favorite people, so my like for the show may go a little deeper than the guns, drugs, sex and drama that I love so much.

7. I get social anxiety. I have always thought of myself as fairly social, however, the older I get the worse my anxiety gets.  I will never walk into a restaurant or bar I have never been in first. If someone holds the door open for me I will step inside the door and the other person will have to go first.  Concerts, I'll go but I won't leave my seat.  Large crowds of people in any setting, only if I can hold your hand.  And THAT is why I don't leave my apartment.

8. I love driving. No really LOVE it!  I love driving anywhere as long as I'm not stuck in traffic.  Driving with the radio up and the windows down is one of the happiest feelings and where I do my best thinking.

9. I hate talking about feelings and will probably just send you a song. I'm really bad at putting my feelings into words. It's like they get stuck in my brain and can't get out.  I suppose that if I would go to therapy, rather than just reading, I might discover that I have a fear of rejection and/or confrontation so I speak through music instead.  Oh, look, I just figured it out and saved myself thousands. Anyway, music is as essential as reading to my emotional well being and often I use music to convey things that I can't get out of my brain.

10. I would be content working at a burger shop by the beach. This may be my new life goal. I recently went to Southern California beaches for the first time and discovered that this is actually an option. The ocean is my happy place, any ocean, but Oregon beaches don't have shops on them because it's so cold and windy all the time.  How great would it be to live someplace warm, by the ocean, and make burgers for happy people at the beach?  I won't even be at picky as to say it has to be burgers, it could ice cream or smoothies or whatever.  But to get to work essentially outside, by the beach and read a book and listen to the waves while doing it. It wouldn't make me rich but it would keep me happy.

11. My mom is my best friend. No if, ands or buts about it.  She always has been.  I suppose there were a few rocky teenage years but for the most part there has never been a question.  I'll do things and say things that are so like my mom it surprises even me, but really there isn't anyone I would rather be like. I'll also tell her things that I would never tell anyone else.  My mom knows everything about me.  I can't even imagine keeping anything from her.

12. I can be a bit particular. If Veronica were the one writing about me I think that she would say I am more than just a bit particular, and since she has been my sometimes roommate she probably knows better than anyone at this point. I like things done a certain way.  I won't go to bed if the kitchen is dirty. You can't put more than half a banana in my smoothie.  I can't sleep with a light on or with the fan off.  I have a few idiosyncrasies.  Just a few :-)

13. I can sew and crochet. I feel like both are turning into a lost art.  Or maybe I'm just older than my years.  In any case, every winter I make at least one blanket. I just started a red and yellow one for myself. I've never made myself a blanket before it seems like it's about darn time.

14. I have twenty-two boards, and counting, on Pinterest. That's right. Twenty-two. Twenty-three if you count the private one with all the quotes and things that I want to keep hidden from the whole world. If you ever need a gift idea, a quote for a special occasion or a recipe that includes jalapenos, just visit my Pinterest. You won't be disappointed.

15. I love watching sports.  Football, baseball, college basketball, hockey, it doesn't matter if there are sports on I'll watch them.  The only sport I won't watch is NBA basketball, in my opinion the players are all just baby bitches. My favorite sport ever to watch is my son play baseball.  I hope he plays for a long time. And when he does stop I hope that someday WAY in the future I end up with grand kids that will play sports that I can watch.

16. I have eight tattoos, and counting. I got my first tattoo right after high school graduation with a bunch of my girlfriends, I was 17 and my mom had to sign for me to get it done.  Then three months later she paid for my second tattoo for my 18th birthday.  I was officially hooked.  I took a bit of a break during the forgotten marriage and then just got my eighth tattoo a few months ago.  For my birthday next month I plan on getting myself my ninth, I can't wait.

17. I am horrible at making decisions.  I blame this wonderful personality trait on being a Libra.  I am able to see, and identify with, both sides of any situation which makes decision making difficult.  I'm probably never going to pick a restaurant or decide what to do on a Friday night.  On the flip side of that, once I make a decision that means I have spent plenty of time and energy coming to a conclusion and, especially with big things, there isn't a whole lot that can be done to change my mind.

18. I laugh in the face of piss beer.  I'll probably laugh in your face if you order a piss beer. Note: the definition of piss beer is anything that you could mistake for water. i.e. Bud Light, Coors Light, Corona Light.  I just don't understand why you would bother to drink that crap.  There just comes a point, like any age after 25, that you should grow some balls and drink a different kind of beer.  A better beer.  A grown up beer.

19. I'm a hopeless romantic, even if I don't like to admit it. I'll try and act like a hard ass.  I'll pretend to be bitter.  I'll keep my feelings bottled up inside.  What it comes down to is that I am a sucker for a romantic movie, book or story,  I love weddings and there is nothing better than the idea of loving someone who understands and loves you back.

20. I am convinced I am a Queen. No one has ever been able to convince me of anything different.  I decided that I was the queen when I was about 10ish and have been ever since.  One of my tattoo's is a crown.  I have a house full of crowns and queen things.  People used to try and say "Don't you mean Princess?" Absolutely not, the queen is the boss, and that's me,  the boss.

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