Friday, September 20, 2013

Funny How a Melody Sounds Like a Memory

Day 5- 10 Songs You Love Right Now.

I love music.  It is truly an obsession. I listen to Pandora daily. I get lost listening to new music on YouTube and download entire albums all the time, whether I know if I am going to like them or not.  I love old music and new music.  There is nothing better than being surprised by a song that you haven't heard in forever.

Songs are like memories.  I can place the year a song came out based on the memories that I have that correspond with it. Then there are the old songs that are made new because they suddenly become applicable to your life in some way.

Choosing just 10 songs is really hard.  Wait, am I having a hard time making a decision again? :-)  Here they are, in no particular order. The 10, most current, that make me happy when I hear them.

SoMo is amazing.  There are some days that I listen to him on YouTube all day.  If you like this one his Power Trip Rendition is almost better than J.Cole's original.

Oh wait, I guess that's 11. Lol.

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