Saturday, September 21, 2013

But wait... What About My ESP?

Day 6 - Your Five Senses Right Now -

Not my favorite topic.  Really, I sit in my office at work writing all of these blogs, and, until I get a computer at home, will continue to do so.  Therefore, my senses aren't being especially stimulated.

Hearing- Hey There Deliliah is playing on Pandora right now. I can hear the radio in the lobby playing 103.3 but I can't make out the song.  There is also the clatter of the keys on my keyboard.  Someone told me I should get a new one because the letters were rubbing off.  I don't need the letters but I do love the great sound this keyboard makes while I'm typing, so I think I'll keep it.

Smell- It really just smells like my office.  Air... nothing special...

Sight-  Well, there's this computer screen that I stare at all day every day.  The sun is out for a brief moment so it's really light in my office right now. I'm a little tired because of stupid cats fighting and waking me up outside my window last night, so things are a bit fuzzy around the edges.

Touch- I'm touching the keyboard. My elbows are on my desk and my ass in in my chair.

Taste- Coffee.  I'm not sure that there are a whole lot of working hours that I'm not drinking coffee.  I used to have a rule that I had to stop drinking coffee at noon and switched to water.  Then I decided that I am thirty-something years old and will effing drink coffee for as long as I want. So I do.

But wait, what about my sixth sense?  That gut feeling.  The feeling that you know something, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you probably shouldn't know. The night you dream about someone and the dream is so strong that you feel the need to check in on them and THEN find out they needed to be checked on? It happens to me often.  Not right this second but often enough that my mom and I have had lengthy conversations about it. I know that technically that sixth sense isn't actually considered a sense, but for some of us it should be.  When people ask me how I knew something and I can't explain it I respond with "I'm magic".  And really, I am.

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  1. Yes, You are magic. You come by it naturally. :)