Saturday, September 28, 2013

Expired Milk and Moldy Cheese

 Day 13 - What's inside your fridge?

I'm not sure why anyone would care what is in someone else's fridge unless you were planning to come for dinner but here it goes...

Up until about 12 hours ago there was moldy cheese and expired milk in my refrigerator.  Obviously these items are not in high demand in my home.  PJ likes cheese sandwiches in his lunch but school just started and he ended up having to have peanut butter because the cheese was green.

There are certain things that are just staples in my fridge.  Besides the usual staples of mustard, Miracle Whip and ketchup.  There always has to be a 2 gallon jug of water in the fridge.  I like my water cold and filtered.

Recently my mom introduced me to cooked chicken breast that you can buy from the deli and Fred Meyer. It's perfect for cutting up and putting in pasta or on sandwiches.  When you are cooking for one or two it makes a whole lot more sense than baking a chicken breast just for you.  I also always have the organic hearts of romaine.  They don't have to be washed and are easy to just tear up and throw chicken on.

I have tsatziki and feta cheese. Fruits and veggies. Beer.  LOTS of condiments. There is liquor and chocolate in my freezer.

The newest addition to my fridge is canned cat food for my picky ass cat.  I love her to death but I'm really annoyed that she won't eat her dry food.

Oh, I guess I can't forget the bread.  I have a weakness for bread.  I buy the end of day bags at Fred Meyer.  They are bags filled with whatever is left in the "baked fresh today" bins.  They are $1 and I get all kinds of miscellaneous breads, bagels and rolls.  Plus PJ wants normal wheat bread and I always need to have pita bread for wraps or to dip.

I try to be healthy and buy healthy food.  I'm pretty boring and stick to my regular stuff.

And that concludes the most boring blog post ever.

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