Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Missing Yellow

Yep, it's January, almost February, and February is my least favorite month of the whole year.  In the Pacific Northwest February is like a black hole that sucks all of the color out of the world.  February in Washington is a perpetual state of grey.  I would bet that if someone were to do a study about the most requested month of vacation in the PacNW it would be determined that it's February.  And that all of those people are going to Southern California, Vegas, Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas. Who am I kidding, someone probably already did the study, and used tax dollars to fund it, I'm just too lazy to try and find it on Google.

Anyway, the point is, I'm not going anywhere this February.  I'm just going to stay here and work and be grey.  That being said I this whole blog was not intended to bitch about the weather.  The intention was to talk about my favorite color.  Yellow.

Is there a happier color than yellow? No.  Yellow is the epitome of happy.  It's the color of sunshine and lemons and Gerber daisies and Don Johnson's Barracuda in Nash Bridges (I loved that show, I can't help it).

So here are some happy yellow quotes and pictures that will hopefully help us all make it through the grey darkness that is February.

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