Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Boy and His Dog

When PJ was five months old Paul and I decided we were gluttons for punishment and we went and bought a puppy.  Zeus was my first Mother's Day present.  I chose the breed and named him. I wasn't back to work yet and it seemed like the perfect thing to do.  Get a dog while I was staying home with PJ so that I cold train it before I went back to work.  Really I didn't have that much to do.  I was just a 21 year old, first time mom.  No big deal.  

Actually it wasn't that big of a deal.  It was kind of like having twins and only having to change one persons diapers. Zeus was VERY tolerant of PJ.  He was PJ's best friend next to his cousin Demetri.  They crawled around on the floor together, played outside, hung out.  

When Paul and I got divorced I left Zeus with Paul.  He had a yard and a house, whereas I was just going to go live with my mom and then in an apartment.  PJ was there four nights a week and I felt like Paul was in a better position to have a dog then I was.  So then it became the three musketeers, PJ, Paul and Zeus.  But every time I would go over to Paul's to get PJ, or pick something up Zeus would greet me at the door, flop down and my feet and roll over on his back for a belly rub.  He loved to have his belly rubbed.

This past Summer while PJ and his grandmother were in Greece and Paul was working I would go over and feed Zeus and let him in and out.  He was always really happy to see me and wanted to run around and be crazy. 

Then in October he got sick.  Really, sick.  He wasn't eating and was throwing up all the time.  Paul was sure he was going to have to put him to sleep.  He lost half of his body weight and a lot of his hair and then one day he started to eat again.  I warned Paul that it may be short lived.  His biggest problem was pancreatitis, which can get better but will always get worse again.  

And it did get worse.  Last month Zeus lost even more weight and more hair and his quality of life was obviously suffering.  So, Paul made the decision to put him to sleep.  PJ has been dealing with it fairly well. Today is the day.  I called this morning before PJ left for school and everyone was in tears.  PJ has had Zeus for as long as he can remember.  They grew up together. 10 years is a long time. 

So, here's to Zeus. A faithful friend, good companion and great dog.  Enjoy your hot air balloon ride to doggy heaven.  We'll miss you. 

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  1. Oh my god. My heart is breaking. :( I was looking at photos on your facebook of this little cutie just a few weeks ago.