Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Swing Your Cares Away

I love to swing.  Seriously, for someone who won't ride a roller coaster because of the feeling it gives you in the pit of your stomach, I sure like to swing. Swinging is as close as I can get to flying and still feel in control. Swinging takes you back to being a kid that didn't have any cares or worries on the planet.  One of the happiest things I can do for myself is find a swing.

This past year I discovered the joy of swinging on a beach.  There isn't a whole lot better than being at the beach anyway, but when you add a swing it's pretty much heaven.  

I'm not picky about my swings either.  They can be just about anywhere, or any style. Except tire swings.  I HATE tire swings, I don't want to spin in circles and I really don't want to hit the center pole or the swing next to me.  When I was little a friend of mine fell out of a tire swing and I think that ruined them for me forever.  There is no control when you're in a tire swing.

Anyway, I want a swing, or two, or three.  I want a house with a big porch for a swing (I love porches too), I want a swing on the back deck, I want a big tree with a tree house and a swing. Oh, a hammock is like a swing, I want one of those too. I want a house at the beach next to beach swings.  I want the ability to swing back and forth whenever I want. Whether it be the low calm rocking of a porch swing or the really high exhilarating swings of a tall tree swing.  I want to be able to do it.  I want to lose myself for just a minute and pretend I'm a little kid without a care in the world.  

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