Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There's No Crying in Baseball... Except Sometimes I Want To.

Baseball season has arrived.  Actually PJ has now been playing baseball for a couple of months.  This year, rather than playing little league, PJ is playing on a tournament team.  A tournament team is completely different than little league.  In little league you practice once a week, have a weekday game and weekend day and you still get to have a life. I miss little league.  I miss the people and the schedule and the amazing baseball park food. 

With tournament ball it's completely different.  You have practice twice a week. Games every weekend from March through August with only two weekends off.  Half of those weekends are tournament weekends so there is a minimum of three games and there could be five games.  On the weekends there isn't a tournament you play one to four games. Add in the additional game during the week with other tournament teams and you are playing more than a 100 games in a season. 

This also means no vacations. No taking off the bra and relaxing with a glass of wine after work.  This means eating, breathing and sleeping baseball.  This means paying for hotels out of town and running all over the metro area on the weekends you aren't out of town.  It means parents who are competitive and obsessed.  It also means that there isn't as much great ball park food.  Even though you would think there would be more (it always comes back to the food with me lol).

So, realistically, there is crying in baseball.  At least for the parents. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love baseball.  Out of all of the sports that PJ could choose to play Baseball is the one that I would choose for him.  He loves the game.  I love the game.  Nothing has changed since last year except the amount of time that it takes up in our lives. 

I love to watch PJ play.  I get so nervous for him when he is up to bat I almost can't stand it. When he's trying to catch a fly ball to left field my stomach is in my throat. Whether he strikes out or misses the catch I still scream and yell and clap.  I am so proud of him for playing on a team and being a good sport and supporting his teammates.  Even with all of the time sucking that Baseball is doing this season there I still love it, because it makes him happy. 

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