Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Art of a Mom Lecture

I was told today that I give a good mom lecture.

Interestingly, the word lecture has such negative connotations that I'm not sure being good at the Mom lecture is a good thing.

  1. 1.
    an educational talk to an audience, esp. to students in a university or college.

By definition a lecture is not a bad thing.  No matter what setting you are in.  How often do you hear someone say "don't lecture me" or "I don't need the lecture.  All the time. 

Obviously PJ isn't the one who told me I gave a good mom lecture.  He isn't quite old enough to appreciate my lectures yet.  He pretty much sighs and rolls his eyes. 

I have three employees who are all girls in their early 20's.  They actually come to me looking for the mom lecture and advice.  I suppose that should make me feel old but it kind of just makes me feel like maybe I'm finally doing something right. 

You only ask advice from someone who you feel has pretty good life experience and who you feel like has their shit together, at least a little bit.  

So I guess over my thirty something years I have somehow managed to perfect the art of the mom lecture.  In care you aren't clear about what exactly makes a mom lecture different let me help you.  Mom lectures consist of not passing judgement and not giving the lecturee the answers.  You present your personal experiences, ask the right questions, point out both sides of the situation and wait for the person you are lecturing to figure out the answer for themselves.  

Funny thing I just realized.  Being the manager of three girls in their 20's and four guys, no matter the age, is kind of like being like a mom to seven kids, all day long every day.  No wonder I'm so tired when I get home.  I have more kids than I thought.  

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