Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Vacation is Having Nothing To Do and All Day To Do It In

Three weeks from today I am going to be on vacation.

This isn't going to be the typical vacation.  I have eleven days off.  Eleven.  And for the majority of those eleven days I am going to be without cell service.

Something that non-property managers don't understand is that most of the time, even when you are on vacation, you are on call.  You are always getting, and responding, to e-mails.  You are constantly the person who could get called in the case of an emergency and no matter how great your assistant manager is, they usually can't handle everything and will call you while you are gone.

Not this vacation.  I have made it very clear to everyone that while I am on this vacation I will be unplugged. Off the grid.  In the wind.  I will have no cell service, no e-mail access.  I will not have the ability to approve pricing in the morning.  I will be completely unable to resolve the days crisis.  It will be eleven days of freedom.

One of the great (albeit scary) things about this particular vacation is that we're moving into a new office the day that I leave and they are starting a HUGE construction project the day that I get back.  This construction project is going to displace my office and continue through at least September.  The likelihood that I am going to get any time off from the date that I get back until the end of the project is fairly slim.

In addition to all of the work stuff, I literally don't have to do anything for nine of those eleven days.  That's right, no plans, no schedules, no requirements.  Just me, Josh, the truck and whatever we decide that we do or don't want to do.  Which is extremely liberating and exciting.

It's been a rough couple of months at work.  Between adjusting to a new position that requires a lot more babysitting than the old one, moving, baseball and general everyday stuff I need a break. Only three weeks. Twenty-one days. And counting.

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  1. Me josh and the truck.......hahhaaaa ur so cute love!! Her name is Silvy