Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Happiness of Convenience

I'm baaack...

I know, I really haven't been gone that long.  I think  it's been about two weeks but now I am for real, legitimately back.  I haven't been blogging a whole lot mostly because I have this new job (not so new anymore but it's still newer than my old job) and the time that this has taken has kept me from blogging on my lunch break and I didn't have a computer at home.

I bought a computer today!!!!  It's pretty and red and connects to the internet and had a real keyboard with a  10 key which means I can blog whenever I want.

My last few blogs have been written on my cell phone.  Granted I have a Samsung Note so my cell phone is huge, but it still doesn't have a real keyboard with real keyboard sounds that I can happily type away on forever and ever.  Now I do.  The happiness that this brings me is ridiculous.

I can also work from home now.  Seems silly but I spent five hours today on a project that would have taken me two if I had been able to do it from home without getting interrupted.  I won't get to work from home super often but occasionally I'm sure I can get away with it.

I can also go back to school now.  Well, I at least can't use not having a computer as a reason to not go back to school.  I'm definitely going to use baseball for the next few months but no more computer excuse.

Interestingly, you don't realize how inconvenient it is to not have a computer until you don't have one.  You can have huge phones and tables and it still isn't the same as having a computer.  It's so convenient and happy.

You know what else is convenient?  Having water and ice come out of your refrigerator door.  The guy that fixes refrigerators came and made that happen for me today.  It's been a day full of making Rachel's life easier.

Now it would sure be convenient if I could think of some good blog topics...


  1. More time at home!!!!! Yes indeed that works for me. Yes the simple things that make my baby happy!!! Love you... Miss u...♡

  2. The universe now feels much more in order now.