Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer Sunshine

Today is May 1st.  May friggin' first.  How did we get here already.  That means in 52 days it will be the first day of summer.  June 21st.  Although I L-O-V-E summer more than any other three month stretch of the year, I kinda dread June 21st because that means that the days are going to start getting shorter.

May 1st is a different story.  Although it is technically still spring and it still rains and it isn't always warm May just means the beginning of everything that is Summer.  People say that the unofficial start to summer is Memorial Day but I think it's May 1st.

I love that it is usually warm enough, and sunny enough, that you can open the windows well into the night.  May 1st means shorts and tank tops during the day and hoodies at night.  May 1st means that the days are continuing to get longer and longer.  May 1st means that summer is actually closer.  September is the beginning of the end but May is the beginning of the beginning.

I love May in the way that I dread October so much that I have to write a blog about it.

May is sunshine and flip-flops.
May is summer dresses and fires in the fire pit.
May is new, fresh, bright green.
May is baseball.
May is long days and short nights.
May is eating outside and reading outside and drinking outside.

May is the reason that I stick out October through April in the Pacific Northwest.

May is Gin and Tonics :-)

May is the beginning of all of the good that is summer. Summer is for making memories and I want to make sure this summer, the whole thing, May through September, is full of amazing memories.  The kind of summer that you look back on with reverence because you know that it was special in a way that can't be recreated.  That's a lot of pressure to put on one season but maybe if I looked at every season that way I would like the other three as much as I love summer.  

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