Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Wish That I Could Fly. Into the Sky. So Very High.

Would you rather fly or read minds?

I know that reading minds is a super power that a lot of people think they would like to have. I think that maybe I have read too many science fictions books.  All I can think of when I think of reading someones mind is the movie Bruce Almighty when he is trying to block out all of the prayers.  I also think about all of the shit that runs constantly through my mind, the stuff I don't say out loud, and I can't imagine having to listen to that constantly run out of other peoples brains and into mind.

I suppose there is the issue of selective mind reading.  As in you would only read the minds that you wanted to, when you wanted to.  I just don't feel like that would be good for me either.  On the other hand it would help with my obsessive tendency to get in my head and over think everything.  There wouldn't be a whole lot to over think if I knew what everyone else was thinking.

Now flying, that I can get on board with.  I could fly anywhere I wanted to.  Let's work with flying like Superman.  I could go anywhere in the world.  I could, hopefully, carry someone else with me. That way I could go on vacations all of the time and not have to pay for airfare.  We could go to the cabin whenever we wanted.  I could fly Josh to see his girls whenever he wanted.  Or go pick them up so they could visit.

Being able to fly would give you a lot of the freedom of being independently wealthy without actually having to be.

If I could fly, when the weather got cold and rainy I could just make a quick trip to someplace close and warm and get my Vitamin D and be happy again.

Reading minds sounds like a huge responsibility whereas flying sounds like a huge treat.  Maybe I should look into getting my pilots licence. Then we can buy a plane and I really could fly.

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