Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goal vs. Resolution #2015 #newyear

What is the difference between a resolution and a goal?

A resolution is the act of finding a solution to a conflict or problem.

A goal is something that you are trying to do or achieve.

When you look at the definition of a resolution it comes across as a negative thing.  You need to set a resolution in order to solve a problem.  My weight is a problem so I need to resolve to lose it.

Whereas a goal is something more positive.  Something that you can be proud of. Something that you achieve. My goal is to exercise in order to lose weight.

I use weight as an example because people make such a big deal about starting weight loss routines at the beginning of the year, it's the most identifiable, and most often heard, new years resolution.

For 2015 I don't want to make resolutions, I want to set goals.  2014 was an awesome, crazy, ridiculous year where there was a lot of change and a lot of personal growth.  Now that things have settled down a bit I think that it's time to set some goals that I would like to have achieved by the end of 2015.  And since it's only a dream until it's written down, here I go.  My 2015 bucket list.

Pay off all of my debt, excluding my car and student loans.
Maintain a savings account.
Fix my credit so we can buy a house.
Meet Josh's kids.
Travel somewhere in the US that I've never been before.
Go out of town, on a (quasi)vacation, at least once a quarter.
Exercise for a half an hour, three times a week.
Blog once a week.
Become a senior property manager.
Get my Oregon brokers license.
Take PJ on a date once a month.
Go on a date with Veronica once a month.
Eat someplace we've never eaten before with Josh once a month.

I like to think that my list is a nice mix of growth plus some goals to break up the monotony.  When you spend at least two hours a day in the car and another eight and a half hours a day at a desk goals to spice things up a bit are necessary.

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